Friday, April 4, 2008


This a LO for a challenge at Scrap Faith to describe when you knew your religious beliefs were right for you. The journaling says: When did I know?
I attended a Presbyterian Church regularly until I was 11. The kids that went to my church were really mean in middle school and I drifted away from my beliefs.

When I was in College, my roommate Jill Anderson was a devote Methodist. She quietly witnessed to me. We had Bible studies at our dorm and did lots of fun things. When I was in Pullman, I began attending the American Baptist Church. I loved it and continued going to one in Everett and when I moved to Olympia. When I moved to Seattle, there was a lot of contention in the ABC. At that time, I met my husband. He was going to RCIA to become Catholic. I went to church with him and learned as he did. As we got more serious, I knew that I would become Catholic because I wanted to share the same beliefs. In 1998 at Easter I completed my RCIA class at St. Bridget in Seattle. I have never been surer that being Catholic is right for me. I have lots of support from people at Ascension Parish and St. Ignatius, where Preston attends school. I am a catechist and help out where ever I can. God has proven faithful to me through many trials. I know He loves and cares for me.


Queen of Paper said...

Great job. Love the colors. this is beautiful :)

MishaLee said...

Great job on your LO! Thanks for sharing your story!