Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scrapbooking the Positives and the not so Positives

I find that many times when I am looking on scrapbooking sites, you only see layouts of the positives. I am convinced that every person has challenges in their life. I also am convinced that not every child is a perfect child. Recently I have decided to scrap the "good things" of life, but also to get real about the "challenges". It has been incredibly liberating. I love my life, but I need to be real. Just thought I would share.


Cali said...

Good idea. I find myself holding on to emblems that represent the struggles so I won't forget them, anyway. I too, should incorporate those experiences into my scrapbooking.

Darlene said...

you're right. we're not all rainbows and daisies every single day. we're real and everything that goes on in our lives good or bad is worth recalling.

So Many Scraps said...

great point! although I have scrapped some of the bad times in life! they may not have been my best layouts but I scrapped them! LOL