Friday, September 10, 2010

Two Layouts from One Sketch

I just finished up a blog challenge for Scraps of Darkness! I loved the sketch so much I did it again.
This sketch is by Flying Unicorn (aka Alda) whose sketches I adore.

First the LO for Scraps of Darkness:
The challenge as listed on the Scraps of Darkness Blog is:

1. Between today, September 2, 2010, and September 14, 2010, create a "dark" layout. Think dark colors, dark subjects, such as Twilight or horror movies. Think Halloween, vampires, witches, or whatever you think of as a "dark" layout.

2. Post your layout on your blog or in whatever scrapbook galleries you normally post in.

3. Mention that your layout was done for the Scraps of Darkness blog challenge, with a link back to this blog.

4. Leave a comment on this post telling us where to find your layout, with a link to it.

So about the darkest non-Twilight photo I had handy was one of DS and me last Halloween. We are a couple of Jokers!
I used black, red and purple as my dark colors and really tried for a haunted spooky look. You can let me know how I did!

Speaking of Twilight, Preston and I met Solomon, who played Sam in the first Twilight Movie a few weeks ago. Preston was thrilled to meet a real actor. Here is the photo and the LO I did with it! How many of you are jealous? Admit it!


Michelle said...

Love the colors black & red and the feathers very pretty!!
Love the punch work on the LO
and what an adorable picture!!
Have a Blessed weekend!!

Scraps of Darkness said...

Beautiful lo's! I'll get your challenge entry posted right away, and thank you for participating in the challenge!

Carla said...

AWWWWWESOME lay out that DARK one black red and white, and wow those feathers are just too cute.

Sandi said...

Love this, I will be checking out Scraps of Darkness too- always looking for what is a bit different.

2amscrapper said...

what fantastic layouts--so totally different from the same sketch.

Marie Levite said...

Wow Victoria, I love what you did with these!