Monday, July 9, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

We got a puppy in March, her name was originally Judy.  She is a super cute black lab mix. When we got her, we named her Pearl, as in Black Pearl.  She is so lovely and so super energetic.  She gets to go play at a great place in Portland called Lazy Dog, Crazy Dog once or twice a week. Guess which side Miss Pearly is on?
She had wiggled her way into all our hearts, especially so since we almost lost her as a puppy.  She got sick from eating raw salmon (we think before we got her).  We had to give her two courses of medicine and hand feed her ice chips and teaspoons of water to keep her alive.  Now her favorite doggie treat is ice chips.......
Here are two projects I made featuring her.  Next up will be a layout of Pearl and her new turquoise collar.  (She thinks she looks really pretty in it).

Thanks for stopping by!  And enjoy the dog days of summer!
<3 Victoria

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