Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flashback Reunion Crop Countdown!

Serendipity Scrapbooks is celebrating their third birthday with a Flashback Reunion Crop that starts on Friday! I hope that you can all make it over and hang out this weekend.
Two precrop challenges have been posted.
The first is to use your retro paper and make some cards - I *know* that most of you have retro paper.... Don't hold out on me. Here's what I found. I must say it represents only a small portion of my retro stash.

The second challenge is to make some pre-crop jewelry and accessories. Tonight I made a pin and if I have time tomorrow I will make some paper beads for additional items.

I hope that you all can make it to this on-line crop. There will be some awesome RAKS and to let you in on a secret, there will be some fabulous sales on great "non-retro" scrappy stuff.


ellen s. said...

they are awesome!!!!! love them. i am so jealous you had time to do them this week!

this weekend will be great, wait til you see my game, lol

scrappypug said...

gorgeous stuff!